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Nutrition Counseling


Nutrition & Health Coaching Visits

In these visits, you will be able to address various nutrition goals and lifestyle goals. From basic weight loss goals to the more varied lifestyle goals, Sarah can work with you to accomplish whatever you want. Common areas of focus include: the healthiest diet for your individual body, increasing your energy levels, stress management techniques, avoiding overeating, cutting back on problematic foods (like sugar), increasing daily water intake, tips to get better sleep, reducing toxin exposure, and achieving balance in life.

These visits are 45 - 90 minutes long and can be as structured or as customized as you would like.

Initial: $150 for one 90 minute visit

Follow up: $100 for one 45 minute visit

Nutrition & Health Coaching Packages

Most clients will need anywhere from 2 - 5 visits in order to have enough time to identify goals, delve into health history, create targeted recommendations, and follow up on  results.  Purchasing a package reduces total visit costs, and comes with significant supplement cost savings.

Cost: $300 for 1 initial and 2 follow up appointments.
Package savings: $50 savings ($350 value)
Supplements: 10% discount


Cost: $380 for 1 initial and 3 follow up appointments.  
Package savings: $70 savings ($450 value)
Supplements: 20% discount

Cost: $525 for 1 initial and 5 follow up appointments.   
Package savings: $125 savings ($650 value)  
Supplements: 35% discount

Additional Services


Grocery shopping tours

During this service, Sarah will accompany you to the grocery store of your choice for a shopping trip.  Bring your grocery list, and together you’ll walk the aisles to discuss healthier options for common food choices.  Along with this service, Sarah will provide you with handouts and educational information to take home with you.  Just one single trip could have a huge impact on the way you feed your family for life!

Cost: $120 for up to 75 minutes (extra travel charges may apply for extended distances)


Pantry overhauls

For this service, Sarah will come to your house and work with you to overhaul the contents of your pantry.  Always wondered what are the “biggest wins” to swap out of your regular routine? Want tips for easy and yummy ingredient swaps and recipe options?  This service can provide you with customized options to improve the health of your whole household.

Cost: $120 for up to 75 minutes (extra travel charges may apply for extended distances)


Group education classes

Have a group of friends or coworkers who all want to know more about a specific subject and are tired of trying to make sense of “Dr. Google”? Sarah would love to come to you and discuss any nutrition or health-related topic you want.

Popular topics include: 

- Simple ways to increase your energy

- Detoxifying the body

- Meal planning

- How to lose weight without cutting calories

- Tips for getting kids to eat better

- Why “diets” aren’t the answer

- Tips for eating out without overeating

- Cutting out sugar and carb cravings

- How to drink more water and cut the other stuff

- The importance of gut health

- Getting a better night’s sleep

- Stress management techniques

- The importance of self-care routines

- Decreasing your exposure to toxins in the home

- Increasing vegetable intake and implementing a garden

Cost: $25 per person for a 1-hour session (3 person minimum)

About Sarah

Sarah Geha, M.S., C.N.S., L.D.N.


Sarah graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science degree.  A native New Yorker, Sarah worked in Manhattan as a technology consultant for many Fortune 500 organizations.  Sarah relocated to the Orlando area in 2004, where she continued working in information technology.  After 15 years of working in the corporate world, Sarah was exhausted.  She struggled with migraines and chronic fatigue, and her diet consisted mainly of coffee and microwaved food.  Sick of being tired and stressed out, she decided it was time to leave her old career to pursue her true passion: holistic health and wellness.

Sarah is a Certified Nutrition Specialist ("CNS"), a national credential awarded by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (https://nutritionspecialists.org ) and a Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist in the state of Florida. She  has a Master of Science degree in Nutrition & Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and a health coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Sarah is passionate about helping people achieve balance and wellness.  She has seen first-hand what an amazing difference basic lifestyle and diet changes can make in people’s lives.

She is a true helper at heart, and she loves connecting with people and supporting them on their health journey.  Sarah feels honored and grateful to work with others while helping them achieve overall wellness, balance, health, and happiness.

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